Play with fun stocks we made up. You can literally make Billions. Too bad it's only play money!

MILK: The North American Dairy Corporation
(a.k.a. "The Steady Eddy Stock")
The dairy farmers have pooled together, and the MILK IPO came out at $7 per share on January 5, 1968. They promise to pay a steady dividend, noting that the supply and demand of milk doesn't change much.... However, the CEO has an idea for a new soft high-end ice cream. So, a stock split occurs on January 19, 1968, and over a four day period afterwards the $3.50 price doubles! But the stock price stabilizes after that. In March and April 1968 there are some daily price swings, but the price always comes back to the $7 range.

POWR: Renewable Power Corporation
POWR bases its January 1968 IPO on the basic of building power plants - geothermal and cold-fusion (which it is developing the technology for). The stock price really soars and pays incredible dividends... But, the cold fusion technology turns out to be premature, so the stock price suffers (only to rebound later).

FRUT: The South American Fruit Company
North Americans want fruit in the winter. It is 1968, and FRUT imports fruit from South America. The trouble is that when it is summer here, it is winter there, and they can't export much or get any decent prices... So this stock "goes up $1 on every day of every month that has an R in it..." It goes down $1/day from May to the end of August. After its IPO at $4/share, the stock rises to $120 by the end of April 1968, only to fall to $2 by the end of August...

ZOO: Zoo Corporation
ZOO has the most incredible story of all. ALIENS have agreed to come to Earth, and be in a zoo! Of course the investors go crazy. Between the beginning of January and the first of February 1968 the stock price goes from less than $2 to over $231. Then the aliens conclude that humans are fickle, selfish creatures, not deserving to have superior aliens on display, so they decide to perhaps cancel. The stock price drops quickly from the beginning of February, dropping to almost $32 by April 1st, 1968. Then the aliens make a surprise appearance and announce they will resume the zoo after all. The stock price goes from $32 to over $3 million/share, only to drop to a PENNY over time as the aliens realize humans are, in fact, stupid creatures - not deserving to be entertained by aliens... A few times, the penny price soars - at one point the aliens make another guest appearance, and the stock soars... You never know...

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