If you like math and numbers, you'll love our stock trading simulators. Even if you don't like math and numbers, you probably like making money. If you enjoy making money and want to get better at it, try our simulators. They're so much better than paper trading. You can go back and replay the past, test your stop and limit order strategies over and over again until you get it right, just the way you like it. Too bad it's only play money!



Stop the Market!
  • Stop, slow, or speed up time
  • Replay the past in compressed time
  • Play days of time in seconds
  • ATR Trailing Stops!
  • IVC Wizard features Fantasy Stocks
  • IVC Mortgage and IVC Oil use Real Stocks
  • Historically accurate pricing
  • All relevant dividends and splits included



Play and Learn Stock Trading Basics

  • Test market vs. limit orders
  • Develop stop loss strategies
  • Safely test shorting and covering
  • Manage position sizing




Replay the Past

Play with fun stocks we made up in IVC Fantasy Stocks. Replay the Financial Crisis of 2008 in IVC Mortgage Stocks. Revisit the recent, unexpected fall in the price of oil stocks in IVC Oil Stocks. Develop stop loss and sell strategies to help you profit more in the future.



Backtest your Stop Loss Strategies

  • Simple Stop Losses
  • Trailing Fixed Dollar Stops
  • Trailing Fixed Percentage Stops
  • Trailing ATR Stops



IVC Stock Market Simulator Features

  • Stop and start time
  • Evaluate historical price changes in advance
  • Plan trades to maximize profits
  • Compare percentage changes over time
  • Place limit trades and stop losses
  • Replay and test different stop loss strategies
  • View dividend payments and stock loss reports
  • Review detailed profit/loss for all transactions
  • Email your trading results and statistics



IVC Fantasy Stocks

  • MILK: North American Milk
  • POWR: Renewable Power
  • FRUT: South American Fruit
  • ZOO: ZOO Corporation


IVC Mortgage Stocks

  • BOA: Bank of America
  • FNMA: Fannie Mae
  • GS: Goldman Sachs
  • XLF: Financial Spyder ETF


IVC Oil Stocks

  • XOM: Exxon Mobil
  • OIH: Oil Holder ETF
  • XLE: Energy Spyder ETF
  • OVX: Oil VIX ETF


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Works on iPad in 2X mode

IVC Fantasy Stocks
IVC Mortgage Stocks
IVC Oil Stocks